Australian Rapper Dheezy Unveils 'WTF Ya Mean?' Video & EP 'Down Under Come Up'

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Australian rapper Dheezy drops 'WTF Ya Mean?' featuring Kurupt and Planet Asia, alongside his EP 'Down Under Come Up'. This launch signals a pivotal moment for hip-hop, with Dheezy from Brisbane leading the charge. His collaborations span continents, offering listeners a blend of Australian grit and global flair. 'Down Under Come Up' showcases Dheezy's ambitions and his talent, positioning him as a key player on the world stage. Through the EP, Dheezy shares his journey, uniting fans with beats that resonate across borders. With a knack for storytelling and undeniable skill, Dheezy offers an EP that promises to elevate Australian hip-hop to new heights. This body of work proves Dheezy's dedication and ability to captivate audiences worldwide.

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