Exclusive Interview with Kareem “Reemo Meerak” Tyson: The Journey, Influence, and Drive Behind 'Back to the Reemo, Vol. 1'

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Kareem, you've been described as a multi-hyphenate creative. Which of these roles - media personality, filmmaker, producer, creative director, educator - do you feel most connected to and why?

More so currently; Actor, Media Personality, and Host despite being behind the scenes and being in control of content for some of the best entertainers. Nothing is more thrilling than being a performer, and being in control of displaying the people I've interviewed and stories of figures to an audience or people that need to see the perspective, and be inspired by it. Also, I bring a different type of energy to events that I've hosted, as well as just an adrenaline rush to perform in front of an audience.

Growing up in Laurelton, Queens and East Harlem, how do these places influence your work and perspective?

Growing up in Laurelton, East Harlem, as well as HARLEM (currently) have influenced me tremendously from seeing my own people as business and homeowners in Laurelton to the flashy and pure hustle that comes with both sides of East Harlem, and Harlem to just overall being an NYC'er. I've lived here my whole life, and overall the embodiment of such a town instills to where my talents are derived from. 

Your journey in the entertainment and media industry began in 2006. How has the landscape of the industry changed over these nearly two decades?

From the "Mystery" of knowing an Entertainer meaning the accessibility wasn't as high. Yes, you had the paparazzi capturing the content, but it was the early stages of what was becoming of social media. Starting in your mid-20s wasn't as taboo around this time, as well as the field wasn't of an abundance of the many types of entertainers, and technology for sure has immensely changed, despite 2006 being the turning point for technology of what it is now. The landscape of money and financial-wise has immensely changed to where you don't need a major music label or major TV/film Productions you can now become it of your own. YES, the funding will not be as "high" to maintain or get a "Bag". Also, streaming has really played a major part in productions as of late (i.e the continuing strike of the writers and actors) and in changing the dynamic for music as well. 

"Back to the Reemo, Vol. 1" is described as a unique project. What makes it unique?

It's not your average album. There's no rapping or singing, but there's commentary of topics that I've been passionate about for a while, and the last two years of my career have been the trigger to making the album, as well as DJ Chase putting a "Battery" to me of making this project.
It's a Comedic Satire album, and it's going back to my original, brash, witty, and sarcastic roots when I started out in media.

The phrase “This ain’t just another album. Nah. It’s a whole movement!” is powerful. Can you elaborate on the "movement" aspect of this project?

The reason that was said is because it's really something that's not being done, as well not in a very long time. Also, I'm not a musician doing this. The style and structure of the album is uncanny like no other. The movement will happen because it's going to set a trend of more non-musicians, and figures to go this route with creativity. The crazy part, I'm at a listening event the other night, and one of my good people in the industry; DJ Roy Boy told someone "He's literally the Hood E-Bro". I never would've thought of that, but with this project who knows...lol.

You've poured your soul, passion, and determination into your brand. How do these elements manifest in your new album?

They manifest into the album because of what I was going through with my brand in the last two years since December 2021, as well as the combination of topics that were heavy on my mind that I rarely discussed past Facebook Posts. Then, for me to go into the booth and get this done is still an uncanny and surreal feeling.

Your album was two years in the making. Can you share some challenges you faced during its production and how you overcame them?

There weren't many challenges that were of not getting it done, it was more so the timing because the ascension of my Brand, as well as with Worldwide Soundz Records was growing immensely. Then, with me acting, podcast productions, and moving around networking plays a part as well. This Summer (2023) was the best time to get it done, and right after my Hosting Tour was finished.

Given your varied roles and experiences, how did you incorporate your diverse background into the tracks of “Back to the Reemo, Vol. 1”?

Very good question, honestly to just focus off the experiences my many roles have faced over the years. A lot of what I speak on the album is of generalized concepts that happen within the entertainment industry, and of the moments. Also, some may feel the shots are for them, but they really are not. I'm truly speaking off of my insights, and what I've passionately wanted changed within the culture.

How do you feel about the current state of hip hop, and where does comedic satire fit in its evolution?

I feel the current state of Hip Hop is doing well only because the culture is thriving in many ways on a good note, especially with its influence in a lot of other sections of entertainment and business. The issue within the culture is the music. Hence, in "The Intro" I touched on that Hip Hop music isn't in the top charts this year is high insanity, and the artists really need to take responsibility for that and make better quality music, and in "Ladies Are Taking Over, We Mad Because?" it's highlighted as well. Also, the media to a degree has to be blamed because of the energy taken to cover such artists, and not covering actual talented artists who deserve the better "light" and exposure.

Looking forward, what's next for you after the release of “Back to the Reemo, Vol. 1”? Do you have plans for a sequel or another project on the horizon?

Funny thing, currently writing down tracks for Volume 2, as well as might have a couple of Hip Hop artists featured to spit some bars like an 8 or possibly 16 to really add some oomph......hey hey you think you're slick?!!!!!, That's about all the info you're getting for now....lol. Also, still focusing on the podcasts; Reemo Meerak: The C.U.T.S. PodcastReemTV: Get Serious TV, more so with my acting, and my MERCH (🙏🏾definitely go to the Reemo Meerak Brand merch store) at my website ReemoMeerak.com

Appreciate the feedback and write-ups of the album so far, and real talk to my team of PR by Maria "My-My" Myraine, Executive Assistant; Elizabeth Graham, Producer of The C.U.T.S. Podcast; "Vegg" Sullivan, and Productions Assistant; "Risa" ...really have made things a smoother process in year 17 of the Reemo Meerak Brand, and have done a tremendously high value great job, and will continually be GREAT!!!

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