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How did growing up in Asbury Park influence your musical style and lyrical content?

Asbury park plays a major influence in my music and my upbringing. It carries things I’ve seen or been through personally. When you hear my music, you don’t only hear me. You hear the hustlers and jack boys who came before me. You hear everyone's story through me, and that’s why I was chosen to tell ASBURY PARK'S STORY.

What inspired the name HD.Picasso, and how does it reflect your approach to music?

It’s kinda self-explanatory. I paint vivid pictures with my words. I always was HD, but that prison time sharpened me and added to my creativity as an artist just by experiencing the pain I went through over the years. Whether it was losing a loved one or not knowing when I’ll see the light of day again, that puts a different type of hunger in you.

Can you describe your songwriting process, especially how you paint vivid pictures with your words?

First, the beat has to talk to me! Depending on what the beat is talking about. I start to respond, you feel me? Me and the beat have to get along before anything. Then, from there, I literally treat the song like a beat down or convo. Sometimes I might pop it off with a hook. Sometimes I go so crazy, or I’ll say fuck a hook and create a beautiful disaster.

You credit Jay-Z as a major influence. Can you share how his work has shaped your own?

Mom and pops listened to a lot of the ROC not just HOV. So it was naturally embedded in me. They were go-getters, so that’s the type of music they were into. Which got passed down, I guess.

In “Fisherman,” you mention, "Mama told me if it ain’t about family, don’t put nothing over the bread." Can you elaborate on the significance of this line in your life and music?

FAMILY OVA EVERYTHING. But let nothing come between your money because some family will take your kindness for weakness. Gotta be able to decipher the differences.

What message do you hope listeners take away from your new single “Fisherman”?

I hope the message they get from the song is BE A FISHERMAN 24/7! Sharks are at the top of the seafood chain, but right above it is the legendary fisherman patiently waiting for his opportunity. Use that reference in everything in life. People ain’t gonna know how to take you forreal.

After the release of “Fisherman,” what can your fans expect next from you?

More FIRE !!! It’s crazy because I have so much music. I can’t wait till you hear what I've been cookin'. But definitely be on the lookout for "808"  THAT'S GON SHAKE THE BLOCC FORSURE!!

How do you feel you’ve evolved as an artist from your earlier freestyles to now making your major-label debut?

I’ve evolved all around the board, honestly. I’m just so passionate about myself, so anything I do, I challenge myself as if I’m already next level, so when I’m there, it’s a breeze. My song-making game is CRAZY but my freestyle game? That's another story!

How did your time in prison impact your creativity and approach to music?

It has just as much an effect as my upbringing in Asbury Park. You have to remember. They got 11 years altogether out of me. So, I became a man in jail. Some say jail and prison is a college for convicts. Guess I graduated top of my class haha.

Your EP, Diane’s GrandBaby, is a dedication to your struggles and perseverance. Can you share more about this personal journey?

She’s the reason! The family still meets at gram's house for the holidays. Grandma's house is like the Mecca to my blocc! Everybody knew grandma and loved her. Me and my little cousins used to have talent shows when we were kids, and grams would judge us and say we all won, but she knew I was the g.o.a.t then.
How does your community in Asbury Park react to your success, and how do you give back?

It’s funny because I feel like some don’t really know how to react yet. Maybe it's because I’m still in the areas, and I will be outside, so it’s common to see HD. I'm the type to bring a check to the trenches and feed the wolves, babies, and the ladies. A lot of people are proud of me for the most part, but I plan on connecting with my old Pop Warner football and basketball coaches to do more for the youth. When I was coming up, my hood was known for having the best athletes. We all just ended up either gang bangin' or locked up. So I want to show the youngins coming up that you can be who you are without being exactly that. Tell them to go to the Boys and Girls Club after school to study, learn a trade, or train for a sport. I want to be that bridge for the youth in not just my city but Jersey! I know it’s a process, but I trust it. 


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