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Unique Write-Ups: Get 15 unique write-ups for your song, video, or album. No copy-pasting, each piece is crafted just for you.

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Comprehensive Features: Each post will show off your artwork or photo, a cool write-up, and your song/album/video. Plus, we'll throw in links to your socials so fans can easily find you.

Corrections Available: Need tweaks? No worries. We can make changes even after the post is live.

Active and Updated Sites: All the sites are alive and kicking, with fresh content rolling in.

Post-Payment Option: Get the links first, pay later. No upfront fees.

Payment via PayPal | Crypto

Email us for more info and prices:

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  1. Contact me

    RaheemMarvel x Scorpiortist - Splash

  2. Hello Im Thirsty Mcgurk or Thirst for short ...coming out of Fortgreene Brooklyn Ny I am definitely interested in promoting a song or 2 off my up and coming album on here please contact me back at its well appreciated Thankyou.

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