The Foreign Exchange New Music: "The Grey" & "I Couldn't Love You More"

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Celebrate The Foreign Exchange's 20th anniversary with their new double release, "The Grey" and "I Couldn't Love You More". Phonte and Nicolay bring unique style with these tracks. "The Grey" features sharp bars and a hook by BeMyFiasco, serving as the theme for ESPN's '30 for 30' film False Positive. On the flip side, they deliver a soulful cover of Sade's classic with "I Couldn't Love You More". 

This release encapsulates their innovative spirit and lasting impact on indie music. Released on all digital streaming platforms, the dual release captures the essence of The Foreign Exchange. The limited edition vinyl, available worldwide, marks this milestone. Nicolay's score for ESPN's film adds to the duo's legacy. Don't miss out on this celebration of 20 years in music. Stream or purchase now on all digital platforms.

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