Kooley High & Tuamie Release Video for "All Infinite"

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Embark on a musical journey with "All Infinite," the latest album from Kooley High and Tuamie. This collaboration brings a unique blend of soulful beats and insightful lyrics, creating an immersive soundscape that pays homage to classic Hip Hop while innovating its sound. From head-knocking drums to tight scratches and vocal soundbites, "All Infinite" is an exploration of the boundless nature of energy and the concept of infinity. Experience a lush musical odyssey that resonates with the essence of the genre's roots and pushes the boundaries of sound.

Kooley High and Tuamie's fusion is a testament to the enduring power of music, aimed at spreading good vibrations through sound waves. Join the journey where energy is boundless and rhythms eternal, and witness the dynamic blend of retrospective and prospective lyrics impact listeners personally.

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