Jon Le Vert Shares New Single “WHITNEY (TOO YOUNG)”

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Emerging artist Jon Le Vert, a Chicago native, has released his new single, “WHITNEY (TOO YOUNG)”. The track, a compelling blend of intense, dark alternative hip-hop, explores perseverance, overcoming challenges and the impact of personal stories on inspiring others.

Having experienced lifelong battles with rejection, anxiety, self-doubt and the imposter syndrome that comes with years of a shaky foundation and little familial support, Jon Le Vert found solace and expression initially in acting and filmmaking. His journey led him to a recurring role in the Netflix original series Daybreak (2019). Now, in his twenties, Jon is breaking through the barriers that held him back, embracing a new chapter in his artistic career.

“WHITNEY (TOO YOUNG)” is not just a musical endeavour for Jon Le Vert; it's a deeply personal coming-of-age story. The lyrics and composition draw inspiration from his mother's journey, highlighting her perseverance and strength through challenging moments. Jon aims to convey a message of resilience and determination, emphasising the impact that one's story can have on inspiring others.

The accompanying music video, self-directed by Jon Le Vert and shot by cinematographer Chris Sinnemann, adds a visual dimension to the powerful narrative of “WHITNEY (TOO YOUNG)”. The video complements the intense atmosphere of the track, providing viewers with a captivating visual experience.

Speaking about the new single, Jon Le Vert shares, “We never know how much we inspire others by simply persevering through our darkest, most challenging moments. I wanted to write a coming-of-age story from the perspective of my mom; her perseverance and overall story have inspired me immensely to push forward despite the dysfunction and doubt I experienced in my own life. As I produced and wrote the track, I wanted to combine hip-hop with elements of electronic.”

With “WHITNEY (TOO YOUNG)”, Jon Le Vert invites listeners to join him on a musical and emotional journey, celebrating the strength found in vulnerability and the power of personal stories to inspire change. “WHITNEY (TOO YOUNG)” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.


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