Mikahl Anthony Releases Double side single “Space Blue/Deep ‘Ain’t it”

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Today the visionary artist and filmmaker Mikahl Anthony launches the hotly anticipated release of the multi-personnel driven ‘MUSE’ album with the precursor donut. ‘Space Blue’ and ‘Deep Ain’t It’ typify the breadth of style and sound to be found on the forthcoming long player.

 This one hits a nostalgic vibe with its Sun Ra grounding, modern, spacey undertones, Marvin Gaye-inspired musicality, Lil Wayne textures, soothing qualities of Erykah Badu, and throws in a bit of André 3000 swagger.   It serves as a profound reflection on deep connections, whether through intentional meetings or chance encounters. "Space Blue/Deep Ain't It" is a sonic masterpiece that transcends conventional expectations, leaving listeners in awe of its depth and complexity. This enigmatic musician, lets the music take centre stage, revealing a kaleidoscopic tapestry of sound across soulful hip hop, funk, jazz, and afrobeat spectrums.

 “Space Blue” is Produced by Nico “Donnie Trumpet” Segal - Grammy Award recipient (Producer) ~ Coloring Book 2016, a Grammy Award nominee (Producer) ~ ‘Ultralight Beam’ - (Kanye West) and Performing Artist with (Frank Ocean Live Tour) 2016. Additional credits include co-production by Mikhal Anthony, and Engineering by Lon Renzel. “Deep ‘Ain’t It” is produced by Renzel x prolific beatmaker Evil Needle.

 A highly sought-after multidisciplinary artist... but who is he??? Hailing from the West side of St. Louis, Missouri, Mikahl Anthony’s sonic roots are spread far across the global Alt-Soul/Hip-Hop scene.

All we know is that he collaborated on a project with Via Rosa (of the soulful electro Duo Drama) on The Great Depression EP. He also was Co-Curator / Featured Artist / Producer on Jean Deaux’s EP - Outer Body.

With a mantra that delves into self-reflection with storytelling, Mikahl's 'M.U.S.E' encapsulates a dual meaning acronym (1. Ms. Using Sensual Energy & 2. Making Use of Seclusion Everyday).

Accompanied by breath-taking, self-directed film pieces, ‘MUSE’ is more than just sonic; it's an immersive audio/visual experience that places storytelling at its core.

You can watch 2 teasers here: Clip 1 | Clip 2

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