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What can you tell us about the track "Problems"? What was your inspiration? Thoughts behind the hook? Music video?

Problems is a soulful track about going through it with someone and not letting the other person's problems take them down-- we all have our own and it takes two. I wrote this a while ago, it was written out of a very intense 'situationship,' I needed to get feelings off my chest about how sidewinded and emotionally worn I felt. The hook is super simple and meant to be a vibey way of saying, I'm prioritizing my worth over someone's negativity. The music video is super cool and a bit of a twist on the song-- we shot it as a car scene on the streets of Brooklyn-- it's filled with suspense and drama during the ride with a plot twist meant to make the viewer double-take.

Where did you grow up and how has growing there influenced your style of music? 

Originally NJ, but I grew up in the South Florida area, it definitely opened up a lot of what I listened to. I spent time around a lot of reggaeton and rap, but also would sneak out to alternative rock shows growing up. At home the biggest influence was definitely all of the jazz / yacht music my family would play at home, from Miles Davis to Steely Dan, it attracted me to the music I feel on a deep, soulful level.

What do you do when you’re not making music?

When I'm not making music, I'm working hard in NYC to pay those bills, ha. I work in media on the business side, so I'm always keeping busy. And whenever else, I'm at a record bar or jazz show finding inspiration with friends. I have a good community of artists here who keep me creative.

Who are you often compared to? why? How do you distinguish yourself from those artists?

I've gotten comparisons to Tei Shi, Tinashe, and some older references AYA, Esthero, and Sade. I think I've gotten those comparisons because of my songwriting and also my softer vocals which I feel have a similar tone in a way. Though I take the comparisons as a major compliment, I think my music has its own distinct sound-- my writing can sometimes be a little unusual with the vocal harmonies and chord progressions and I try to put my own flavor to the tracks.

What can we expect to see/hear from you in the future as far as new projects?

I have a ton of tracks and visuals I'm excited to release this year, more in the style of Problems with a chill vibe. I shot a ton of music videos in LA and also here in NYC, each one with unique visuals in some crazy places. Some R&B, some pop, some alternative, they're a blend of styles. The songs are all somewhat related to a specific period of my life and though they have different sounds/moods, they're about a bigger picture.

Any shoutouts?

Have to shoutout my vocal producer Lovel, producer/collaborator Jedidiah Allcock, and Jake Wojenski who brings the videos to life with his editing magic. I've been working with these talented artists for a while on these works and can't wait to get the songs out into the world.

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