Lil Tony Drops Electrifying "Les Duski" Video

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Lil Tony, Atlanta's own rising star, just released a breathtaking video for "Les Duski," and it's something you've got to see. Under the direction of Public Goat, the video pays homage to classic horror movies, complete with chilling scenes and a suspenseful atmosphere. As Lil Tony delivers his lines with unmatched energy, the backdrop of eerie elements like blood splatters and rusty chains adds to the intensity.

This single, part of his popular 2023 mixtape "2 Sides 2 Every Story," demonstrates Lil Tony's ability to blend different themes and sounds seamlessly. With over 5 million streams across his latest project, Lil Tony is quickly becoming a force in the music industry. Tracks like "Canoozled" and "Swag" have become fan favorites, contributing to his rising fame. His work ethic is evident through the release of three distinct mixtapes this year alone, each showcasing his versatility. From the hard-hitting beats of TKEY to the reflective tones of For Mia, Lil Tony's range is impressive. As "Les Duski" captivates audiences with its cinematic quality, Lil Tony is proving he's a powerhouse artist.

Keep an eye out for more from this Atlanta rapper – he's clearly just getting started and showing no signs of slowing down.

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