"Looseleaf" - Lil Tony's Latest Single Rocks the Scene

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"Looseleaf" - Lil Tony's Latest Single Rocks the Scene
Lil Tony, the rising star in the hip-hop world, has just teased his fans with a new banger titled "Looseleaf". This track not only showcases his incredible talent but also serves as a prelude to his much-anticipated mixtape, "2 Sides 2 Every Story," set to release on November 17th via Priority Records. "Looseleaf" features Lil Tony's signature sound, combining mean mumbles with eerie ATL underground beats, creating an unforgettable vibe. The track adds to his impressive year, following the success of his single "Canoozled," which gained 326k views and critical praise from sources like Pitchfork and RapCaviar. Lil Tony's new release promises to elevate the energy and keep the momentum going, solidifying his place in the hip-hop scene. Get ready to experience "Looseleaf" and stay tuned for the upcoming mixtape.

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