Kodak Black's "When I Was Dead" Album

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Kodak Black's "When I Was Dead" Album

Kodak Black's latest release, "When I Was Dead," is setting the music world ablaze. This 18-track masterpiece showcases Kodak's unique blend of raw raps and bluesy tunes. In tracks like "Lemme See," Kodak takes us on a vivid journey through his Pompano Beach roots, backed by minimalist beats. "Burning Rubber," produced by the renowned Boi-1da, weaves together a tapestry of life’s harsh realities and Kodak’s unapologetic authenticity. The album's opener, "Kylie Grande," reveals a softer side of Kodak, with production by Metro Boomin adding to its allure. Tracks like “2'CY” experiment with auto-tune, creating an intoxicating mix of club beats and poignant poetry. Kodak's artistry in "When I Was Dead" bridges past, present, and future, marking another milestone in his illustrious career. Following his previous hits and collaborations with rap's biggest names, this album not only reinforces Kodak's legacy but pushes the boundaries of his musical expression. As "When I Was Dead" gains momentum, Kodak Black continues to prove his mettle as one of the most influential artists of our time.

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