Montao Releases "What in the World?" with Slug, Koncept & Lane Shuler

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Montao, the acclaimed UK producer, is back with a striking new single, 'What in the World?', featuring Slug (Atmosphere), Koncept, and Lane Shuler. This song is not just another addition to his impressive portfolio, but a deep dive into a post-apocalyptic world. Montao's signature production, intertwined with a haunting piano riff, sets the perfect stage for the artists to narrate their perspectives. Slug starts off with his introspective and poetic style, painting a picture like only he can. Then, Koncept adds a burst of energy with his dynamic flow, setting the stage for Lane Shuler. The newcomer, Lane, adds a gripping intensity to the track, making 'What in the World?' a powerful statement in the world of hip-hop. The single is not only a musical piece but a canvas for these artists to express their views on ever-relevant global issues. With this release, Montao continues to cement his place as a creative force in the music industry. The track is available now and promises to be a treat for fans of thought-provoking, cinematic hip-hop.

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