Zaytoven & Zayskii: "I'm the One" - A Father-Son Project

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Zayskii's 18th birthday marks the release of 'I'm the One,' a collaborative project with his father, Zaytoven. This collection showcases Zayskii's smooth vocals over classic Bay to the A bounce and effortless piano melodies, reflecting his father's influence. Tracks like 'Winnin,' 'You or Me,' and 'All Black' take you through a journey of youth, romance, and ambition. The project, spanning nine tracks, offers an intimate look into Zayskii's personal life and his transition into a trap star. The release party in Atlanta was a hit, with appearances by Young Scooter and others, signaling Zayskii's rising status in the music world. With each beat, it's clear that Zayskii embodies the talent and dedication expected from the progeny of a musical genius.

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