NLE Choppa's "Auntie Living Room" (Video)

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NLE Choppa takes us inside his real-life auntie's home in the 'Auntie Living Room' video. The Memphis rapper sets an authentic scene with Tracy Denise Smith, blending raw emotion and family ties. This track from his fan-favorite 2023 project, Cottonwood 2: Deluxe 2.0, brings the line 'In my auntie’s living room chillin’, makin’ millions' to vivid life. The video is packed with memorable moments, from the recording session on the couch to the portrayal of federal agents outside. It's a story of family, ambition, and the complexities of success. As Choppa navigates through moments of bonding and luxury, the video showcases his journey from the streets to stardom, all while staying connected to his roots.

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