MeRCY Releases Powerful Video for "Dad's Drawing Pad"

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Experience the emotional journey MeRCY takes us on in his latest release, "Dad's Drawing Pad." In a heartfelt tribute to his father, Anthony Hall, MeRCY unfolds a story of love, influence, and remembrance through a scrapbook-like video crafted by Jimmy Nguyen. This isn't merely a song; it's a powerful tribute video that resonates with anyone who has felt loss. MeRCY shares the most personal record he's ever written, drawing us into the profound relationship he shared with his father. Anthony Hall wasn't just a parent; he was a profound influence in MeRCY's life, imparting wisdom on life, art, and music. As MeRCY navigates through his emotions, he credits his father for shaping his understanding of the world and spirituality. Prepare to be moved by this powerful tribute video as it takes a special place in MeRCY's upcoming album, Michaelangelo.

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