Mercy Unleashes "Michael Myers" EP & Captivating "Scary Hours" Video

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Mercy's latest release, the Michael Myers EP, marks an exhilarating blend of gritty lyricism and haunting melodies. Moving beyond the Halloween season, Mercy keeps the thrill alive with this horror-themed masterpiece. This EP is a sequel in his 'Michael' series, following the earlier success of 'Iron Mike'. Mercy transforms into the Michael Myers character, bringing a unique, unmasked energy to his music. Tracks like 'Scary Hours', 'Death Note', and 'Myers Theme' stand out with their compelling production by Slimrock, Homage, and others. Mercy's skill in weaving horror elements with incisive lyrics is unmatched. The music video for 'Scary Hours' adds a visual dimension to the EP, directed by Ike Anyanwu, showcasing Broward's eerie atmosphere in black and white. Mercy's Michael Myers EP offers an immersive audio-visual experience, captivating listeners with its storytelling and rhythm.

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