Boldy James & Nicholas Craven Drop 'Brand New Chanel Kicks'

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Boldy James & Nicholas Craven Drop 'Brand New Chanel Kicks'
Boldy James and Nicholas Craven are back at it with 'Brand New Chanel Kicks', marking their latest hit. Fresh out of the hospital, Boldy James jumps right back into the game, laying down smooth verses that tell his story of recovery and grit. 'Three weeks ago was paralyzed, my people’s all was terrified,' he raps, showcasing his resilience. This new single isn't just catchy; it's a testament to Boldy James' unwavering spirit. It's also the lead track from their upcoming album, 'Penalty Of Leadership', setting the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable collection. If you thought their last album, 'Fair Exchange No Robbery', was a hit, wait until you hear this. Boldy James' realness shines through every line, making 'Brand New Chanel Kicks' a must-listen for fans.

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