Yung Bans Ignites Atlanta Rap with "The Streets" Video

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Yung Bans hits the Atlanta rap scene hard with his latest release, 'The Streets.' After a brief hiatus, this 24-year-old artist is making waves with his new video, showcasing his journey across diverse terrains, reflecting his personal struggles. 'The Streets' highlights how life's challenges have shaped Bans into a formidable figure in rap. With roots in the SoundCloud era, Bans has earned recognition from Atlanta's rap legends and peers alike. His latest singles, 'The Streets' and 'Who Want Smoke?,' mark his grand return and will feature on his new album Vol. 6. Known for his unique trap style and collaborations with big names, Bans's influence in rap is undeniable. At 25, he's making a strong comeback, highlighted by his recent performance at Lyrical Lemonade's anniversary show. With Vol. 6 on the horizon, featuring collaborations with prominent artists and producers, Bans is set to reclaim his place in the rap world.

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