Rich Amiri's Desert Adventure in "One Call" Video

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Rich Amiri's Desert Adventure in "One Call" Video
Experience the raw energy of Rich Amiri in his latest video for "One Call". Set against the backdrop of the Cali desert, this video showcases Amiri's unique style and powerful vocals. Produced by Rio Leyva and Zuko, "One Call" blends a buzzing instrumental with Amiri's smooth flow. The video features Amiri with his weapon and companion, creating a high-octane visual spectacle.

"One Call" is a standout track from GHETTO FABULOUS, highlighting Amiri's solo talent. It's a testament to his growing influence and a sneak peek into his upcoming project. With over 6.6 million streams across his singles, Amiri is quickly becoming a mainstream sensation. His video for "One Call" is not just a music video; it's a bold statement from a rising star in the hip hop world. Be sure to check out this masterpiece and get a glimpse of Amiri's artistic evolution.

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