Jim Jones (@jimjonescapo) & Dyce Payso (@dycepayso) ft. Melii (@Melii) - "DON JULIO"

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Prepare to dive into the world of hip-hop royalty as three powerhouse artists, each with their own unique style and charisma, unite to create an unforgettable music video experience in "DON JULIO." Harlem's Capo Jim Jones alongside Boogie Down's lyrical maestro, Dyce Payso, and the rising star Melii, in a scorching visual masterpiece that will leave you captivated.

"DON JULIO" is a visual feast, capturing the essence of the city that never sleeps. It showcases the artists in their element, surrounded by the vibrancy of New York City, celebrating their roots and the hustle that brought them to this point in their careers. The video exudes a sense of unity and camaraderie, with Jim Jones, Dyce Payso, and Melii radiating charisma and authenticity.

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