Tato Spark Shows Massive Growth On New LP, 'If I Ruled The World'

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Tato Spark is rounding out the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop with a new New York-inspired album. The Brooklyn-bred emcee wants to set himself apart from the pack with his latest long-form offering. His most recent LP, If I Ruled The World, is a dynamic 12-song project with features from Court Baby, Zeffy Lee, and Vetti Danks. Solo tracks like "Normal" and "Move You" helped him maintain the audience's attention throughout the album.

Growing up in Virginia helped shape a different side of the talented emcee. Spark's newest tape helps him join the ranks of street lyricists like YWR Wildboy, Fatty, and others as the latest crop of rappers from the Tidewater area. His ability to embrace the more rural aspects of life while coming from a city landscape created a balance that not many have. With inspirations like the movie Batman and decorated rappers like 50 Cent and Drake, Tato Spark is here to craft his lane to the top.

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