U’Kno Tha Don Reflects on the Late George Floyd in “We Are Floyd”

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It’s been over three years since the death of George Floyd. The injustices surrounding his murder, at the hands of police, sparked massive protests worldwide. It once again put a terrifying spotlight on racism and inequality which have become a disease in this country, alone. 

“We Are Floyd” sheds light on these issues while paying homage to George. Garnering attention since its release, the single has now charted in the Top 30 on iTunes. The musical masterminds behind the single, U’Kno The Don and Nino Khayyam, did an amazing job creating a record that brings heavy issues to light. 

This song acts as an artistic tool to galvanize humanity to combat police brutality. In the accompanying visual, U'Kno and Nino visually encapsulate the serious tone behind the song's message with cinematic, black-and-white visuals. Understanding the impact of today's current racial climate and tensions is critical, more than ever, especially for the youth. U'Kno even features his own son in the video. 

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