Feel the Rush with Koncept’s New Single 'Untouchable'

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Feel the Rush with Koncept’s New Single 'Untouchable'
Koncept hits the deck with his new single 'Untouchable'. The track kicks off with a roaring bass and live horns, giving you a taste of that boss aura like Tony Soprano, or the invincibility of Mike Tyson and Michael Jordan. Thanks to the genius of George Reichart and Mark "Keitel Jr." Lowe, 'Untouchable' effortlessly showcases Koncept’s smooth wordplay, making it clear why he's a standout in the hip-hop space. It's your new anthem for those days you feel on top. And it’s not just about this single, Koncept has a rich history of cool collaborations and big stage moments. So, hit the link, crank up the volume, and get ready to feel 'Untouchable'.

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