Spinz - "Life, Love & The Low End II"

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Scott William Lykins, known by his stage name Spinz, has transcended borders and stages, captivating audiences across 39 countries through over 1,500 performances. Emerging from the vibrant Oxnard music scene, Spinz's relentless dedication to his craft as an MC, DJ, producer, audio engineer, and independent A&R has solidified his position as a hip-hop luminary. With a foundation rooted in Oxnard, California, and now residing in Los Angeles, Spinz's dynamic journey has seen him collaborate with rap icons such as The Pharcyde, Ice T, and Kurupt, etching his name in hip-hop history. Earning acclaim for his three solo albums, countless mixtapes, and singles, he has remained a steadfast presence in the West Coast hip-hop landscape for over two decades. Garnering accolades from Urb Magazine's "Next 1000" to an MTV EMA nomination, Spinz's multifaceted artistry extends beyond music, gracing the silver screen and garnering interviews from prestigious publications worldwide. His recent album "Life, Love & The Low End II", has resonated globally, with tracks featuring some of today's top artist as well as rising stars. Anchored in his roots, Spinz's legacy thrives as he champions his original crew, FND Entertainment, and supports emerging artists through his eco-friendly record label, Vibra Music Group, a catalyst for youth music education and cultural empowerment.



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