AVLPASQUALEE Shares "2 The Moon"

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AVLPASQUALEE (@avlpasqualee) is a bubbling rapper out of DMV. His latest 4/20-friendly record shows his ability to bring people together momentarily. His newest track, "2 The Moon," shows that no one is in his stratosphere. The song also highlights a new record, "Free Love," coming soon. His flow is everywhere, but he always returns to a powerful position. His breath control is impeccable, helping him find interesting pockets on the outer space instrumental.

The DMV is home to some of the top-rising acts on the East Coast. With artists like Lil Dude, Joony, KP Skywalka, and more paving the way, AVLPASQUALEE is ready to push for more. The Nigerian MC is prepared to showcase his art to the rest of the world. His creativity stems from styling as a young man, so his music follows the same high taste level.

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