Allstar JR Tags Babyface Ray, Icewear Vezzo, and more on 'OC 2'

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Detroit’s Allstar JR is now cementing himself as the newest rising star out of Detroit, Michigan. The historical music hub is bubbling with new talent, and Allstar JR was sure to connect with everyone to show he can go toe-to-toe with anyone. Organized Crime 2 is the culmination of all the traumatic but transformative experiences leading up to this moment. The heavily-anticipated follow-up to his magnum opus Organized Crime is jampacked with autobiographical raps from one of the most polarizing figures in Michigan. After surviving a failed assassination attempt in 2021, JR has shaken back and is better than ever.

Organized Crime 2 features exhilarating verses from Quality Control’s Baby Money, Baby Tron, Babyface Ray, Icewear Vezzo, and more. TraumaTone, W$ Kharri, Flex OTB, Pooh Beatz, ForeveRollin, and more submitted beats to round out the heavy-hitting production team. Allstar JR is prepared to deliver.

The instant classic LP follows the same structure as the first Organized Crime. This time the project starts with a radio-themed intro from esteemed music journalist Ahmad Davis. Shortly after, the audio adventure begins with “Critical 2 Stable,” a chilling record that features cinematic production. The no-skip project has many high moments, including “Empty,” “MMA,” and “When Its Time,” but there are also reflective records like “2 AM In Houston” and “Die” that showcase JR’s uncanny storytelling ability. The battle-tested MC is ready to lean into his superstardom while remaining true to his inner self. He even credits his son Jerzey Ford and his daughter Jaliyah Ford as co-executive producers on the album. 

Allstar JR’s life has changed drastically since Organized Crime, and he is excited to watch his life change based on the success of Organized Crime 2!

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