BIGBABYGUCCI Drops New Single and Announces Summer Album

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North Carolina's underground star, BIGBABYGUCCI, releases his new single, “Balenciaga Store Closed,” and announces his upcoming summer album, Baby 5. Known for his high-energy melodies and bold lyrics, BIGBABYGUCCI has built a loyal fanbase with his unique sound. In "Balenciaga Store Closed," he delivers punchy lines over space-age production, teasing what's to come in Baby 5. 

Following a prolific 2023, where he released four albums, BIGBABYGUCCI is set to dominate 2024 with his new project. Baby 5 will be his first official project of the year, promising more of his signature style. His previous hits, like “Drop Top Lexus” and “Can’t Feel Shit,” have garnered millions of streams, cementing his place in the underground scene. BIGBABYGUCCI's consistent releases and energetic performances have earned him respect and a growing cult following. 

With the new album on the horizon, fans can expect more electrifying music and bold statements. Stream his latest single now and get ready for an exciting year ahead.

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