Bars and Bass is a Bop: Chris Cachia’s Newest Release

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Starting with a one-sided conversation, Chris Cachia’s “Bars and Bass” almost lulls you into a false sense of security. Then, once the melody starts and Cachia begins to spit, it’s as though he’s reached out from the track, grabbed you by the collar, and won’t let go. The use of alliteration is hypnotic, the jazzy instrumental is a bop, and the whole track is an ode to the golden age of Hip Hop and rapper-producer duos of days-goneby. No doubt, Cachia is a student of the game. His catalogue is growing, his flow is always on point, and he’s blessed by beats from producer Charlie McEvoy. Cachia tells of how the two grew-up together and first recorded music at eight-years-old in Cachia’s basement on his father’s tape deck. Decades later, they’re still making music and honing their crafts.

Cachia’s previous album, Persona (2022), was a coming of-age story about how – in the era of the mask – artists are able to make and re-make the myths that surround them. His upcoming project, including not only “Bars and Bass” but also the previously-released “Above and Below” and “Hot and Cold,” also has a ready-made theme emerging. The 27th Letter has the potential to be an instant classic, and Cachia doesn’t appear as though he’s going anywhere or slowing down anytime soon. Armed with a commanding flow and penchant for wordsmithery, he looks to be ready to take-on all challenges.

“Bars and Bass” is now available on Apple Music/iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, and through all other major digital distributors. A lyric music video for the track has been released and is available here.

Check the following for website and social media information:
Instagram: @ChrisCachiaAKA
Twitter: @ChrisCachiaAKA
YouTube: UrbanOrganic

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