Valid Drops Potent Tribute to Balkan Heritage With “May 6th” Single

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Detroit’s Valid has shared a new song, titled “May 6th”. Guided by the mentorship of Grammy Award-winning DJ Head, emerging from the vibrant hip-hop landscape of Detroit, Valid stands as a formidable emcee. Following the 2019 release of his acclaimed debut album Mihajlo, Valid poured his soul into the Plum Brandy EP, notable for an influx in streams from Eastern and Southern Europe. The next chapter in Valid’s expansion was an alliance with another Detroit native: the legendary Stretch Money, joining forces to form the collaborative duo Bill & Isiah.

His latest offering, “May 6th”, is a potent tribute to his Balkan roots, produced by Montenegrin staples Knowhere2run and Vibin wit DJ Mono. “May 6th”, and puts a modern twist on the traditional holiday known as “Djurdjevdan”, a holiday rich in history for many cultural backgrounds and ethnic groups throughout the region.

“May 6th” does more than just pay homage to Balkan tradition with its themes- it does this sonically as well. With an organic, energizing soundscape influenced by historic music from the region, “May 6th” creates a revitalizing bounce that suits Valid’s confident, present vocal style. He shines on the mic with dynamic lines including the hearty dose of charisma that was present on his collaborative LP with Stretch Money ‘Bill & Isiah’. Further showcasing his penchant for sharp songwriting and engaging, unique beats, “May 6th” is a potent new release from the Motor City standout. Listen to “May 6th” here.

Valid also appeared recently in the latest Detroit Tigers jersey reveal, alongside Eminem, Stretch Money and more. Putting on for the city of Detroit, he delivers a performance alongside Stretch Money that captures the energy of the city. Give it a watch here now.

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