RichyyRich: The Shining Star from Orlando's Underworld

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What's good, music lovers? Let's jump right into RichyyRich's game, a new rapper who is really making big ripples. Born and raised up in the nearly inhospitable areas of west Orlando, this man’s story demonstrates the unmatched power of perseverance and raw skill. Consequently, ease off, chill, and let me be who I am to take you through the real RichyyRich.

From the Trenches to the Top

RichyyRich is a west Orlando Trappin Rappin in never now cappin. He is from Crosstown in west Orlando. It hardly resembles the glitter and glamor of Disney World at all—more like an elaborate network of underground tunnels where it is a matter of survival every day. Raised in such a hardship environment, RichyyRich also encountered the kind of obstacles that would have gotten the better of any other man. In contrast to the streets’ defeat, he rather used his own life experiences to enhance his music.



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