Lonewolf Univrz Releases New Hit Single "Feeling Myself"

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Rising Rap/Hip-Hop sensation, Lonewolf Univrz announces the imminent release of his thrilling new single, "Feeling Myself," dropped on Wednesday, May 1, 2024. The Cleveland-born artist is returning to the music scene with his most daring record yet, solidifying his position in the rap industry and revealing the depths of his resilience and determination.

"Feeling Myself," packaged by Pulse Media, is an audacious confirmation of Lonewolf Univrz’s tireless pursuit to transcend barriers. This record is a journey within, a self-reflective narrative where Lonewolf banishes doubts, dynamics, and boundaries, resulting in a raw and captivating performance. The realness of Lonewolf’s unique style is exquisitely captured, from the witty and lyrical punchlines to the rhythmic flow and inescapably catchy hooks.

Lonewolf Univrz was raised on the east side of Cleveland, learning the art of hustle early in life from his young single mother. This grounding in resilience led to the creation of Lonewolf's continuously evolving sound and the natural blend of street smarts, and emotional depth that distinguishes his work. Starting with his debut mixtape "Moonman" in 2019, and with releases like "moonman1.5," the "gas planet" EP, and "moonman 2.0" in 2021, Lonewolf has proven his undeniable artistry and work ethic.

Now, in 2024, Lonewolf Univrz is gearing up to star in TV series episode in Voids, becoming a cast member in "Gold Reality Show" and playing a part in the full production movie, "The Rap Game". All these stellar achievements while simultaneously delivering the goods musically. "Feeling Myself" is just a glimpse of what's to come as he plans to release "Moonman 3 (Bloodmoon)," later this year.

As Lonewolf Univrz delves deeper into creative exploration, his ability to articulate life experience through music continues to draw his fans into his world. "Feeling Myself" is a worthy invitation to join him on his journey, offering both long-time fans and newcomers a taste of the Cleveland native's full musical prowess.

So, mark your calendars for May 1, a day set aside for experiencing the raw authenticity, lyrical sharpness, and indomitable spirit of rising rap star Lonewolf Univrz. Witness the rapper’s unparalleled musical evolution as he reaches new heights in the Hip-Hop scene.




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