"Embracing Chaos" is the 3rd book out of the 6 that Soul has written

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This book was inspired by his and his family past experiences that led him to the realization that chaos is not what we think it is.

In his own words:

''Maybe happiness and joy is closer than we think. Maybe what we were taught about life is wrong. Maybe what seems like chaos might actually be a shortcut to our desired destination. Chaos anyway does not exist. It only exist in our limited human perspectives. It only exists when things don't go according to our plans and expectations. 

Maybe happiness lies on the other side of what we call chaos. Maybe happiness lies behind the fear of losing control. Let me tell you the funny part now, we are never in control. When we shift our perspectives from trying to control to allowing things to happen, the very thing that we try to control comes under our control without even trying. 

All desires can be summed up in one single desire, control over one's reality. This book will help you change your perspective about life, and make you embrace chaos, since it doesn't really exists.''

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