Terrell Fure' Returns With New Hit Single "She's Not The Money Type"

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Terrell Fure' is a foundational black American dancehall reggae artist. Born and raised in between Long Island, Queens, and Brooklyn New York. As a young artist he performed a host of back yard house parties, basement house parties, local talent shows, and clashed with several local reggae artist which is how he created a huge buzz. His music has been played on numerous radio stations across the country. Terrell Fure's passion for reggae began as a dancer who’s moves were taught by then his mother’s boyfriend named Sprocket. Sprocket would freestyle and create his own reggae dances while reggae dancehall music would play from his sound system. Then he would follow his lead also adding his own twist as he danced while crowds of people watched in admiration.

As a teenager while then growing into a songwriter/artist, Terrell Fure' was mentored by another dancehall reggae artist named Dreadful who has now passed on. Dreadful taught him the sound of quality material, he always kept Terrell on his toes and lyrically sharp. Recently getting major support from other artist like legendary rapper Trina,  legendary rapper Jadakiss, the Queen of dancehall Spice, Dancehall reggae Legend Cutty Ranks, dancehall reggae artist Mr Lexx, Dancehall reggae artist Looga Man from dancehall reggae artist Sean Paul's Dutty Cup Crew and other well known reggae artist.

Terrell Fure's aim is to do what he loves and what he's passionate about. To become a voice of the people who share the same or similar thoughts and experiences but are voiceless or don't know how to put it in words. Also to give another perspective and bring new ideas. Right now he has a new hit single called "She's Not The Money Type" and it's blowing up at the moment. The song "She's Not The Money Type" it's dedicated to women that are not superficial. A lot of times we get caught up talking about the gold digger class that we forget that not all women are gold diggers. There's a lot of women out there that would just prefer a good man that would treat them good. Of course he'd have to have something going on for himself, living or focusing on his purpose. Those kind of women don't want a man who's not doing anything however that's not the end all be all for them.

Right now the song is doing very well. It's also gone viral on social media. Terrell Fure believes there's a large audience who are like this and was waiting for someone to talk about this topic. Everyone can download his new single "She's Not The Money Type" on Spotify.

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