Mozzy Drops "Children of the Slums" Album

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Mozzy has released "Children of the Slums," drawing on his experiences from Sacramento's Oak Park. The album includes 17 tracks that vividly capture the community’s resilience and challenges. "RED NOSE BULLY" features intense lyrics paired with a striking music video. "LOST IT ALL," featuring Fridayy, blends soulful melodies with stories of personal and communal struggles. Songs like "MISS YOU BLOOD" and "FREE JUJU" explore Mozzy's personal losses and the harsh realities of street life. Through this album, Mozzy highlights life in the slums, aiming to connect with listeners who share similar experiences or are curious about such realities.

Now available on all major platforms, the album invites audiences to dive into the stories of Oak Park. Each track is designed to engage, enlighten, and resonate, showcasing Mozzy’s ability to convey profound emotions and stories through his music. His dedication to his community is evident as he brings to life stories of pain, survival, and hope. "Children of the Slums" provides essential insights into the realities of life in marginalized communities, affirming Mozzy’s status as a crucial voice for those whose stories are often overlooked. This release captures the essence of his community and underscores Mozzy’s role as a powerful narrator and artist deeply committed to his roots.

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