'Luke’s View' Album Launches - Stream Classified’s Latest Work

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Today marks the exciting release of Classified’s 19th studio album, "Luke's View", available through HalfLife Records & Big Story Entertainment. As one of Canada's top rap talents, Classified brings fresh perspectives to the table with this album.

Luke's View encompasses a blend of personal, political, and Boom Bap tracks, each reflecting a different aspect of his world observations. Having worked with icons like Snoop Dogg and Raekwon, his new project is already creating waves. The album builds on his 30-year career and showcases his skills across 11 new tracks. Classified himself expresses great excitement about sharing his latest project, which highlights his deep reflections on life and the world today.

The album promises to resonate with listeners, offering insights into his unique artistic views. Check out "Luke's View" to experience the latest from a seasoned artist who continues to evolve and impress.

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