Is female rap artist Baby Slvett from Berlin?

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Female rap artist Baby Slvett is supposed to have been born in Berlin, Germany. We would think that she would be open to the fact that her place of birth was in Berlin, but she has not been. The fact that she was born in Germany and could be from that country is so interesting. Her rap name does sound a little bit German-related, and not just because of the weird spelling. The rap name Slvett doesn’t really sound all that American when you say it out loud. Slvett will most likely confirm any additional languages she is able to speak with her fans or in some interviews/ publications.

Slvett has not confirmed any details of being biracial and has yet to confirm being black American. Her music is a big part of where she was born and raised. The way she spits her rhymes is just as important as how and where she learned to speak them. She said that she likes to tell a story when she is rapping her songs. Baby Slvett is rumored to speak more than one language. The languages she is rummored to speak are Spanish, Russian, and Taiwanese.

Slvett is most likely able to speak some German as well as the other languages, or maybe just German or Dutch. If Baby Slvett speaks Dutch or German, fans may be hearing some new music from her in these languages or even some collaborations with a lot of different German rap artists, both male and female. She must have some sort of special musical collaboration planned for her upcoming releases with artists from Berlin or other parts of Germany. Fans could have already been expecting music from Slvett in Spanish, but German would also be amazing.

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