Feddie Scrillz ft. Rekka & Exurt Beatz - "You Been Sayin" (Remix)

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This is the story of boy meets girl. Then the boy meets another girl. And then the girl meets another boy. Written and executive produced by Feddie Scrillz and featuring Rekka and Exurt Beatz, this song is the true story of when you aren't telling the truth about who your "best friend" really is. Exurt Beatz and Rekka are portraying a role of being in a relationship and not being truthful with each other by having "relations" with other people. This music video was recorded in Kansas City and co-stars singer-songwriter Queen Natisha, model/actor Tamara Barnes, Leo Roberts, William Simmons, and graphic artist Michael A. Poke. Music video directed by Six Collective Media and Nate Green Sr (Feddie Scrillz). 



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