Casablanca the Gawd – "OMWTC" (On My Way To Church)

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Casablanca the Gawd is an American rapper hailing from the gritty streets of Buffalo, NY. He began hustling at 15. Casablanca says he was "almost a victim of systematic pitfalls of facing serious charges on more than a few occasions." After being stabbed, Casablanca knew something had to change. So with the odds against him, he began to focus on his skills in rap music.

His style comes from the years of listening to his big brother's music. Influences from artists like MC Shan to his favorite artist Big L. Casablanca mentions "something about that Queensbridge sound and my lifestyle that blended well."

Casablanca the Gawd's sound is piercing...diligent, a pain-filled soulful hip hop. Casablanca's music is melodic cinematic storytelling of this hustlers plight.




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