Shaw Calhoune's "Carry Out On Shaw": A Must-Listen Album

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Shaw Calhoune brings a fresh perspective to the music scene with his debut album, "Carry Out On Shaw". Released by Big Eleanor Records, this collection showcases Calhoune's unique blend of storytelling and emotion, touching on themes of relationships, self-discovery, and connection. Featuring contributions from a diverse group of artists including Chillonn Daviz, Magnus Andretti, and DJ Skruff, the album offers a rich tapestry of sounds and insights. Despite the crowded music landscape, Shaw Calhoune's work stands out, reflecting his deep engagement with music and life.

Every track invites listeners into Calhoune's world, offering both vulnerability and creativity. With its eclectic mix of collaborators, "Carry Out On Shaw" promises an auditory experience that both challenges and entertains.

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