Kinfolk Thugs Are Blazing The TikTok Billboard Chart With Their Viral Hit "Back It Up and Dump It (Dump Truck)"

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Kinfolk Thugs are absolutely on fire right now with a track over ten years old. Their TikTok viral smash "Back It Up and Dump It (Dump Truck)" has taken over the hearts and minds of fans, the airwaves, and now the TikTok Billboard charts. The Memphis-bred group is built of long-time friends GC Eternal and Tyme Bomb. They met in high school in the late 90s before officially forming a group in 2004. 

What was once a regional smash has become an internationally known banger. Their track has now been acknowledged by big stars like Megan Thee Stallion and Meghan Trainor and has reached the top 10 on Billboard's TikTok chart. With over 800,000 creates on TikTok and millions of streams across various DSPs, Kinfolk Thugs are back outside and excited for the world to hear more.

The team recently released their EP, Back To Business, featuring seven tracks, including three variations of their hit song, "Back It Up and Dump It (Dump Truck)." Who will pop up dancing to the viral track next? The track has resurfaced on radio all across the United States. 


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