Jabee Drops "Hear Me When I Pray" Celebrating Mello Music Group Sign-On

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Exciting news hits the airwaves as Oklahoma City's very own artist, activist, and entrepreneur Jabee steps into the limelight with Mello Music Group. Celebrating this collaboration, a brand new track "Hear Me When I Pray," produced by Conductor Williams, is now available. Jabee, a name revered by true music aficionados across the nation, brings his unique blend of sounds and lyrical depth to the table.

Having been a longtime admirer of Mello Music Group, Jabee's excitement shines through as he joins forces with some of his musical idols. His music resonates with listeners, reflecting his deep connection to community and relentless drive to make a meaningful impact. From organizing major cultural events like "Juneteenth on the East" to leading groundbreaking initiatives with LiveFree OKC, Jabee's efforts extend far beyond music. His partnership with Mello Music Group promises to elevate his powerful message, with Chuck D of Public Enemy acknowledging Jabee's world-changing potential. Don't miss out on this epic collaboration!

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