Chicago Music Scene Shines: Two Depressed Kids' "Not In Love" Video Out Now

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Lupe Fiasco and Charles "Chill" Patton have a knack for highlighting Chicago's finest musicians through their label, 1st & 15th. Recently, they spotlighted Two Depressed Kids (TDK), a Chicago-based duo that blends deep emotions with catchy tunes. Their latest single, "Not In Love," produced with Soundtrakk, hits the airwaves with a vibrant video.

The song mixes post-punk vibes with the melodic rap of early '10s Chicago, featuring TDK's Jake and Drew exploring themes of love and self-reflection. The music video, directed by DefPopFilmz, captures the essence of youthful longing and the complexity of relationships. With a blend of live rock energy and lyrical storytelling, "Not In Love" symbolizes TDK's journey in the Chicago music scene.

As they work on their new EP, the support from 1st & 15th promises to bring their unique sound to a broader audience. Exciting times lie ahead for TDK and their fans.

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