BossMan Dlow Shakes Up the Scene with "Mr Pot Scraper"

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BossMan Dlow, the Port Salerno, FL native, is shaking up the rap scene with his latest hit, "Mr Pot Scraper." With a knack for effortlessly climbing charts, Dlow proves his mettle as one of the rap game's hottest rising stars.

His "Mr Pot Scraper" video, capturing the hustle-hard spirit, has already amassed over 5 million streams in its first week. The video, shot in New York City, showcases Dlow with his crew, an adorable pitbull, and stacks of cash, symbolizing his hard-earned success. This track's journey from a viral social media sensation to topping YouTube's Trending Chart for Music underscores BossMan Dlow's growing influence. His story, from viral freestyles to chart-topping hits, highlights a rapid rise to fame, supported by a solid South Florida fanbase and recognition from industry giants.

With every release, including "Mr Pot Scraper," BossMan Dlow cements his position in the rap world, promising more hits and showcasing his readiness for global stardom.

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