Wizz Havinn Shines in "Young N Turnt" Video

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Wizz Havinn Shines in Young N Turnt Video
Wizz Havinn takes the Florida rap scene by storm with "Young N Turnt," showcasing his laid-back style and effortless swagger. The Tallahassee rapper's latest hit from his deluxe project, Super Wizz: The Sequel, demonstrates how luxury has become second nature to him. With a video that captures his charisma, performing to fans, cruising in a red Corvette, and surrounded by admirers, Wizz embodies the "Young N Turnt" lifestyle. This track, along with others from the sequel, solidifies the unique Tallahassee sound. Featuring collaborations with artists like Veeze and YTB Fatt, and productions from Ddot Freezing, Super Wizz: The Sequel is a testament to Wizz's influence and hustle. His music not only entertains but inspires a drive for success, making Wizz Havinn a beacon for aspiring artists.

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