KITH Teams Up with Cam’Ron & Swizz Beatz for "Last Stop" Single

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KITH, the iconic streetwear brand, is expanding its horizons with a bold step into music, launching the "Last Stop" single in collaboration with Cam’Ron and Swizz Beatz. This move highlights the brand's dedication to blending urban fashion with the dynamic world of music. The track features Harlem's Cam’Ron, known for his sharp wordplay, and Swizz Beatz's vibrant production, capturing the essence of New York's street culture. The music video, set in a subway car filled with roses, visually represents KITH's journey from fashion to music. The "Last Stop" single not only introduces KITH Records but also complements the Spring 2024 collection, featuring Cam’Ron. As KITH continues to release new music, fans can expect the brand to keep pushing boundaries. Get ready to experience KITH in a whole new way, where streetwear meets the beats of the city.

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