Emerging Artist Defying Odds As Healthcare Worker Turned Rapper

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In an unprecedented journey, current Surgical Technologist triumphs over odds to embark on a thriving career as a renowned rapper, inspiring resilience and creativity.

Overcoming obstacles isn’t a new thing for multi-talented artist, D MAIR. Moving to California as a travel worker in 2018 presented its own set of challenges, and now he craves for more! It’s been a “tough road to navigate” for Donald Merriman, aka D MAIR, arriving in California with a little over fifty dollars and an air bnb reservation. While not having much in personal belongings, or money, D MAIR is very rich in spirit, confidence, and talent. Already having a job as a traveling surgical technician, he arrived knowing more money was on the way, but nothing else was certain.

After working at a couple of hospitals in the north and east bay, he was given an opportunity to participate in a social media rap challenge. Skeptical that he would win, D MAIR was reluctant to participate. It wasn’t because of his lack of skill, or lyrical prowess, for he has been writing rhymes and performing since he was in the fifth grade! No, it wasn’t that. He was more worried about favoritism, and since no one knew him in Cali, he feared he wouldn’t win the popularity contest.

However, and to his surprise, he won the competition. The winnings consisted of a single track recording, promo for the track and a music video to accompany the single. After the host of the competition finished the recording, he offered D MAIR the opportunity to make an entire EP. That EP entitled, Sincerely, Mr. Everything, has since been recorded and set to release February 29th. It encompasses the experiences of the many lives of D MAIR; past, present, and future.

With upbeat tracks such as ‘GOOD TIME’, and the new west coast anthem ‘DUB LUV’, he displays his ability to make a mainstream hit while keeping a firm adherence to the very roots.

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