D'Shaun drops the #4 iTunes charting album "CRWN"

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D'Shaun's latest album, CRWN, lands a top spot on the iTunes charts, making a grand entry at #4. With "S'mores & Rumchata" leading the charge, this album quickly became a must-have in music collections worldwide. CRWN didn't just impress; it soared, hitting #88 across all genres on iTunes, even surpassing Elton John's Diamonds. This achievement reflects D'Shaun and the RYLTY crew's commitment to their craft. With 12 tracks offering a mix of hip hop, rap, pop, and R&B, CRWN delivers a unique sound. D'Shaun, hailing from Converse, Texas, credits his diverse circle of artists for the album's fresh yet classic hip hop vibe. CRWN aims to reshape the music scene, starting with "Nonstop" and continuing through every track. D'Shaun's blend of upbeat hits and mellow tunes showcases his growth and the fun of reigning supreme with CRWN.

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