Doodie Lo Unleashes Visuals for New Hit "Role Model"

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Doodie Lo Unleashes Visuals for New Hit Role Model
Doodie Lo's "Role Model" video offers a vivid look at the rapper's life, showing the tightrope he walks between guiding the youth and ruling the streets. Inspired by the film Belly, the video directed by Diesel Films showcases Doodie's knack for blending cinematic flair with his unique rap style. As Lil Durk's protege, Doodie Lo is setting the stage for an impactful 2024, starting with "Role Model" from his anticipated project What Made Me.

The video's clever homage to Black cinema, including a comedic take on a well-known scene, highlights Doodie's artistic depth. With over 79 million streams, Doodie's journey from Kankakee to the rap spotlight is as complex as it is inspiring, making "Role Model" a must-watch for fans and newcomers alike.

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