Audrey Nuna Teams Up with Teezo Touchdown for 'Starving'

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Audrey Nuna and Teezo Touchdown come together in "Starving," blending their unique styles into a groundbreaking single. With Audrey's silky vocals and Teezo's ingenious lyrics, the track sets a new bar for innovation in music. Accompanied by So!YoON!'s guitar and Lauv's bass, the song captivates from start to finish.

The music video, a visual feast set in a Tokyo-inspired cityscape, showcases Audrey's transformative journey. Directed by Khufu Najee, it reflects the contrast between who Audrey is and who she aspires to be. Audrey believes "Starving" resonates with the universal cravings for love, connection, and authenticity. Teezo's contribution adds a distinctive twist, emphasizing their shared disdain for artistic confinement. Together, they deliver a song that defies genre boundaries and invites listeners into a world of musical exploration.

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